Shamanic Reiki

Reiki Healing

For me, incorporating Reiki into my life has enabled a new level of calm, stillness , balance and healing into my life.


What is Reiki?

The word “REI” means spiritual wisdom, the higher intelligence and alternate consciousness for us.

The word “KI”  means life force. This is similar to “chi” which is the energy within; the prana, the light, the life in us what makes us alive.

Together, the Reiki is an deeper level of consciousness to the energy and  life force, that what surrounds each and every living thing on the Planet.

Shamaic Reiki

The shamanic practice uses a range of tools and techniques to clarify your experience.  Theses can include the use of sage and essential oils, the use of crystals and crystal water spray as well us the sounds of music, drums, or sound. I like to think of them as a portal for the physical body and the physical sense to relate to what we are practicing, enabling an easier venture into healing and meditation.

What happens during a session?

A Reiki healing session bringing you back into balance. Using energy healing, the mind, body and spirit can be reset.

During the session I work with the Aura . This is the field of energy which surrounds your body.  Illness or injury starts in your aura, brought on by negative energy in your life. Over time these seeds of negativity begin to root into your existence, resulting in tention and over time emotional or physical illness.

The value of Reiki is that it works not only with the physical body, but also on all levels of your being and thus is able to being lasting results.


Balancing your Chakra.

The chakras are an important part of the health and wellbeing of your phycial and mental body.

Being able to discuss your life openly will enable us to work freely , aiming to release tention or blockages in a focused area/or chakra.


How many session do I need?

As we know, we are all completely different individuals. Commonly the first session together will allow balance to come to the body, opening blockages and the feeling of stillness, calm and peace are commonly experienced.

Working into to the second, then the third session we will go into a deeper level of cleansing and refinement, bringing a deeper level of alignment to the energetic body. . The three session package will include some tools and exercises for you to do at home between sessions to help refine and enhance your experience.


My Experience

I completed my Reiki training while in Bali. My teacher Devi Ma has been practicing and healing using Reiki for over 20 years. Devi Ma is a spiritual aspirant of the yogic and shamanic paths who has been committed to her own healing and spiritual evolution.

To read more about my teacher visit her website by clicking here 

Truly magical, she opened my eyes and heart to understand myself in a whole new way. Answering so many questions about my personality and traits I have been confused by for so many years. The training process made me feel whole.

I am passionate about sharing this practice, and during the sessions I will be opening my doors to help you rebalance and find a similar sentation of stillness and clarity.


Your investment: 

£45 for one session

£120 for a set of three sessions

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Sessions will be located in my home, set up as a sacred safe space to carry out the session.


” To HEAL is to become whole. Wholeness of mind, body and heart. To HEAL you must allow yourself to believe you can; for healing is done within ourselves, by ourselves”

Eddie & Debbie Shapiro- A Time for Healing.