Monday 9.30am

Monday Morning…start your week the right way!

Monday 9.30am-10.30am, Horningsea Village Hall

Felicity lives in Horningsea and wants to introduce yoga into the village. She invites you to yoga classes that will lengthen and strengthen your mind and body; it’s time for you.

Classes suitable for all levels and ages

Horningsea local class pass. £54 for 6 weeks of classes

To book click here

Please bring a mat, water and your Monday sparkle!!

Students views:

“Felicity’s yoga classes are exceptional not only do they inspire you to want to improve your physical strength, your suppleness and posture but also to become aware of how we breathe and how we can learn to control our breath and use it to relax the body and mind. Her voice is soft and calming, her instructions clear and her respect for all her students very evident. I always end the class feeling relaxed and happy.

“Imagen butterflies coming out of someone’s mouth…that’s Felicity ”

“I feel energised but rested all in one ”

“Felicity gives lots of options to make it harder or easier, making it worth it regardless of how you are feeling that day”