Energy Healing

IMG_9908Energy Healing Session

Clearing Out and Energy Refresh.

Theses are 1:1 sessions are very personal and tailored for you.

Firstly, we will talk about the challenges, patterns and issues showing up most strongly in your life. What is troubling you? What is holding you back? Things that have happened? From the past or in the present? What would you like to do differently? What would you like to change? This part of the session feels a bit like talk therapy; you will talk about your thoughts and feeling about your current situation or past experiences.

Yet the goal of the talking is a bit different. I won’t interrupt, comment or disturb your train of thoughts, allowing this unravelling to begin. You are not seeking to remember anything specific, analyse understand your past or present conditions, but simply to link theses experiences with the energy felt, sensations and reactions triggered in the body.

ob_0700d0_prettyrocksWe will then begin to use a variety of tools, methods and techniques to move and remove any heavy or stagnant energy. Theses will include reiki, crystals, guided meditation, breathing exercises, mantra (repetition) and spells, along with other sensory stimulation like sounds and smells using sage and essential oils. to begin shifting the old and preparing for the new. IMG_9675

Before our session I will forward you a few confidential questions which will allow me to guide the session in the right direction for you.

Theses sessions can be purchased individually as a one off, or carried out as a block of three (ideally fortnightly to observe and record change within your life)

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