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personal Experience

The breath work with Felicity was one of the highlights of my trip at Suan Sati. Felicity really made me feel safe and comfortable, and the session she provided not only gave me an unforgettable experience, but some much needed inner healing. I would highly recommend

JoLee, USA

The first thing I said when we finished our session was “I feel like I just had 20 years of therapy in one hour”! She made me feel super comfortable throughout the entire process!

Delaney , USA

Felicity created a really safe and encouraging environment for our 1:1 breathwork session. It was my first time doing breathwork, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. She thoroughly explained what we were doing and gave context for possible outcomes. 

 Alyssa, 28 from USA

“Felicity is a brilliant instructor. I couldn’t believe how challenging yoga can be and what a great work out it is! I come out sweating after every class and feel stronger and more flexible already! It’s great coming with my 4 months old son as well.”

Dana, Cambridge

“Fantastic and Fun! I feel emotionally lifted every time I come, amazing!”

Hayley, Cambridge.

Felicity came to our home and taught our whole family a private classes. She worked with all 6 of us enabling each to be involved, from me to my three year old!

Family, Sydney.

“Felicity has a warm and beautiful energy in her touch”

Margi, Sydney

“I really enjoyed the adjustment allowing me to feel more from the pose, especially in Savasana”

-Jess, Bali

“As soon as you arrive the experience starts, we were welcomed each class with the smell of incense in the air and Felicity is extremely welcoming and friendly. She works sensitive to each person’s needs and abilities to make sure everyone got the most out of each session. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone that is thinking of starting or already has experience in Yoga.”  

-Martin, Cambridge

During one-to-one sessions, Felicity positively encouraged and pushed me to reach deeper and achieve more advance poses.

-Nikki, Malawi.

Doing a lot of high-intensity training I found introducing yoga into my fitness routine improved my workout

-Tom, Sydney.

‘Felicity is an amazing yoga teacher. She brings a joyful energy and a deep passion for yoga which is contagious. These aren’t just keep fit classes where you stretch and are inspired to push yourself deeper physically, although that is definitely true, Felicity also offers a soulfulness and wisdom that enriches and gives you an opportunity to come back home to yourself.’

James, Cambridge.