Come Fly With ME

Come Fly With Me
A fun-filled, energetic afternoon with Felicity
Sunday 2nd December, 2pm – 4pm

Let the space between where you are now and where you wish to be not scare you, but inspire you!

Turning things on their head, we will explore and play with different tricks and techniques that will get your body moving in a different way, working towards getting upside down.
Taking these into your own practice or just back onto your mat in class, it will provide you with more strength, awareness and a foundation to move towards more inversions.

Throughout this workshop we will work in a different format to a normal class, giving you the time to learn and break down the movements. Felicity will show you drills and conditioning ways to strengthen your practice and build strength.
Working off the mat, with partners, props and progressions we will explore what is and what may one day be possible.

During a more challenging practice we can commonly fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to our neighbour next to us, or getting frustrated when we fall out of a posture. During this workshop, we will work together to support and encourage each other. For those who are happy to, there will be opportunity to move towards transitions.