Breathwork with Felicity

looking to deepen YOUR connection to your emotional self, heal a dYsregulated nervous system, dive deep into somatic therapeutic experiences, or work through specific issues, there’s something for you. 

The Breath Is The Greatest Gift We Have Been Given And We Can Learn To Use It As Medicine

Tim Morrison

Felicity is a Trauma-Informed breathwork facilitator trained by Tim Morrison and somatic yoga teacher based in Northern Thailand. She discovered Breathwork after many years of anxiety and depression. The realisation and knowledge that her dysregulated Nervous System and recycled incomplete emotional charges were governing her life was a threshold for transformation.

Her distinctive somatic approach, rooted in the body holding the key, is designed to help you get out of your own way, rewiring subconscious and disrupting negative thought patterns, releasing tension and increasing flow, so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

What can Breathwork do:

Reprogram subconscious mindset

Rewire your Nervous System

Access deep emotional healing

Deep states of relaxation and calm

Access higher self, focused clarity and purpose.

Walk yourself home:

Want to dive deeper? Embark on a four-week transformation package.

Weekly Breathwork sessions

Guided Meditation for mornings, triggers and supportive breathing practices.

✅ Breath and breath cycle to support your daily life
✅ Trauma Awareness and your responses
✅ Somatic/Nervous System Unwinding
✅ Emotional release
✅ Gain a deeper understanding of shadow work

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