Being a Women

 Visualise your highest self, then start showing up as her!

riseIn recent months I have been on a personal journey to expand my understanding of myself.

I have discovered and become aware of so much throughout this process which I find fascinating, and because I am convinced so many of you will find too, I wish to share!

How well do you know yourself ? Would you like to learn tools to expand your understanding of and build a better relationship with yourself? In modern life it is easy for us to get clogged up with work, busy social calendars, routine, habits, that cloud our ability to listen and work with our biggest teachers. 16111991_10154296863437219_276483559_n

We make them with the best of our knowledge and information with have gathered up to this point. So each piece of new information you hear you weave it into your consciousness, a little lego brick at a time.

During this relaxed, personal workshop, we will gather in a circle together to share ritual guided meditation journaling, charts observation and many more tools that will help you expand your understanding of what it means to be YOU!

Take home chart sheets, references and book lists to help you continue on your journey. 

To book, email

Sunday 10th March


Horningsea, Cambs .

£15 per person

£24 for two people.